( Projects in which two or more members of ShiNeaL Studios are involved )

Simplacity is a simple plastic-styled resource pack that has been in the making since 2019 by Shiny and NeaL.

This pack marked the start of ShiNeaL Studios as you know it today.

Connected Simplacity

Mashup combines most of Shiny's vanilla packs into one, featuring many popular packs that fit well into the vanilla theme of Minecraft.

 MVR adds all the mobs cast out during the Minecraft Live votes. These are remade to be a little unique, even including custom variants for some of the mobs.

 EMP remakes most of the entity models in the game. These include mobs like chickens and cows all the way to entities like boats and minecarts.

 Endergrowth remakes the end to have a more natural feel. This adds grass, flowers, overgrown mobs, woods, and more.

 Fleshpits remakes the nether to have more of a gorish feel to it. It does so by changing many blocks to variants of meat, adding blood, fat, mutated creatures, and much more.

 AKS remakes the ancient city biome, along with sculk in general, to have an ominous design. This is done by giving everything a darker palette, along with animated eyes growing out of most blocks and entities.

 Snaiders is a small pack that remakes striders to resemble snails. This pack has grown quite popular among the community, being one of Shiny's top vanilla-styled packs.

Pool Floats

This pack changes the model and texture of boats to look like pool floats, also changing the item's texture. Chest Boats even have a tiny mob in a bucket on the boat

Pirhanas & Anglers

Piranhas and Angler Fish adds 5 variants of Piranhas that spawn above level 55 and 5 variants of Angler Fish that spawn below that level. Both Angler Fish and Piranhas replace Pufferfish in the game.


Stingrays replace dolphins and can be found naturally in any ocean biome. Different biomes have different types of stingrays living in them.


Hummingbirds contain amazing species of birds, one of which is the smallest bird on earth. This pack adds 12 variants of hummingbirds that replace allays in-game.